Proposal for Interface Fall07 Final Project : Part01 Questioning and Brainstrom

Questions of Curiosity

1) Why does people try so hard to do nothing or stay still in the elevator/subway? The physical space between people is so close but why the mental space is enormous? Strangers/Friends/Sharing (Psychological question)

2) What is the relationship of human behaviors and closure of space? Wall/Floor/Entrapment/Freedom/Privacy

3) What form of entertainment/performance(Narrative/Interactive) can make a sudden impact on the first time audiences? How to get them excited in a short time?

4) What is interaction appetizer? How long does it take to get a response?

5) What is the relationship between pet/animal and his owner? Play/Feed/Royalty

6) What can we do in elevator? What is the needs or desire?

7) How to decorate a small room with a lot of users? Visual responses in Toilet/Phone booth/stairways etc.

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