Proposal for Interface Fall07 Final Project : Part02 Concept Sketches


1) Create identity within the space
- via human figure (lift boys/ladies)

- via surveillance (big bro. style, camera and speaking voice)

- via non-human (animal, plants, insects, robot, AI)

Robotic installtion by Fernando Orellana, at Tang Museum.The four robots include small speakers for the output of sound and sonic sensors for sensing their world. Each has the capacity to open its own door in the elevator's ceiling, extend itself into the elevator's space, "look around" and respond differently in song depending upon the behavior of the humans it carries.


2) 5 sec. games (e.g. crosswords, O/X, roulette, brain testing game)
- Could be challege by another elevator’s visitor (in case on 2 elevator)
- Tetrist

3) Overload Information ( weather forecast, time, news, traffic status etc. from website – widget styles)

4) Environment transformation ( Sky in elevator, moving wallpaper – narrative approaches – world above)

Fremont Street Experience - Las Vegas : largest LED roof in the world

5) Information Fun (Kinetic typography, synchronise motion of elevator with the typography – sliding type)
“Checked Out,” public art commission for the Minneapolis New Central Public Library, Ben Rubin, 2006.

6) Instant Gameshow (force visitors to participate in the game – cube the movie)

7) Hideaway space – quick meditation space

8) Photobooth (Let’s take photo together, smile)

9) Very Short film cinema
- 360 degree movie
Installtion at the Museum for Contemporary Art, Leipzig.

Sound interactive Installtion in the elevator's floor built-in screen by Theodore Watson, at the Ars Electronica Futurelab

10) Shadowplay installation

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