TU+: Narrative Studio 08 : URBAN RHYTHM


“Urban Rhythm” is the experimental real-time visual/audio installation, which explores the concept of urban culture as a whole, driven by the energy from many individuals, in the creation of unique and dynamic rhythm/vibe/identity of that metropolis.


“People shape their own city”. Metropolises, like New York, Tokyo or Bangkok, have their own unique urban cultures. Each individual unconsciously help distributing to the charisma of their habitat. People are the energy, their daily activities drive the city’s vibe. Unity of fragments. My project will intent to bring out this lively beat/rhythm through visual/audio installation in the public area, where daily activities occur, e.g. subway stations. Further more, this concept would be delivered through the idea of ‘human pattern and formation’. In every changes occur it is the result of human activity. The comment on social issues and lifestyle would be visible, but will not be a leading content. The audiences will take a role of godlike observers. With the incorporation of audio and other visual elements such as typography and photograph, the audiences’ experience would be even more lively and uplifting.

First Idea for the content :
Miniature people, who live in the tile frame(subway tile wall), work for a signage company, turning tiles into signage/symbol/words. Mini people work in the day and rest at night (life cycles). Chain reaction and crossing events of individuals will cause changes to their whole community.
My Inspiration army - Japanese Toy

Concept Mock Up - Miniture man on subway Tile wall

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